Keith Hill to Receive 2018 Allan Ray Putnam Service Award

Please join us in congratulating Keith Hill who has been selected to receive the Allan Ray Putnam Service Award for 2018. The citation reads:

“For exceptional service, duty, and tenure in leadership and governance of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of ASM International and furthering the society’s objectives and goals.”

The Allan Ray Putnam Service Award was established in 1988. It recognizes the exemplary efforts of various outstanding members of ASM International on behalf of the Society to further its objectives and goals. The vitality and success of ASM depends on its members, and their willingness to contribute their time and talents for the good of the Society. The purpose of this award is to recognize those individuals whose contributions have been especially noteworthy and to whom the Society owes a particularly great debt of appreciation.

It is the intent of this award to recognize individuals who have contributed to the Society as a whole or to those individuals who have contributed on a local or chapter basis. Each area of contribution is considered to be of equal critical importance to the Society’s vitality and success.

Allan Ray Putnam was the Managing Director of ASM between 1959 and 1983. He was the Society’s most visible spokesman for these many years and “Mr. ASM” to many, both within and outside the Society. Mr. Putnam’s many unique talents and gifts were apparent to all those who came in contact with him and were of invaluable worth to the Society. His “presence” was such that it lifted and sustained the Society’s image to the World Leadership level with respect to esteem, depth, permanency, and relevancy to the materials technologies. He was, and is, greatly admired and loved by his associates and the Society’s membership.

The award presentation will be made at the ASM Awards Dinner scheduled to take place during MS&T ’18.